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5 Tips for Summer Baking

The weather is heating up, and that means changes to your summer baking.  Baking cookies in the summer, frosting summer cupcakes, and making your favorite summer fruit pies can all get complicated with the weather changing. Here are our top five tips for summer baking success:

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Learning how to Decorate Royal Icing Cookies

Getting creative in the kitchen with various cookie cutters, colored frosting, and candy sprinkles is so much fun! Yet, many people who enjoy decorating cookies believe it takes a lot of time, talent, and patience to achieve professional-looking results at home.  The truth is that cookie decorating is easy to master with the right type of icing and a few basic tools. Whether you're simply interested in improving your skills or planning for an upcoming event, consider taking a few minutes to learn the basics of decorating cut-out cookies with royal icing. What Is Royal Icing?  Royal icing is a sweet confection that hardens as it sets. Some recipes call for egg whites, confectioners (powdered) sugar, and water; others rely...

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How to Paint on Cookies with Edible Paint

Decorating cookies can go beyond a quick layer of canned frosting and sprinkles. Although there is nothing wrong with the basics, choosing better supplies can help you transform your basic cookies into works of art. Royal icing, paintbrushes, and edible paint allow you to create intricate designs that are fun to make and an elegant dessert for any occasion. At Color My Cookie, we have a wide variety of cookie decorating kits that come with everything you need to create beautifully painted sugar cookies.  Follow These Tips to Prevent Porous Royal Icing Royal icing is a fun and beautiful way to turn basic cookies into miniature works of art, but keeping the icing from becoming porous is critical for keeping...

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Can You Freeze Decorated Sugar Cookies?

Did you know that because most cookies contain little to no water, they freeze well? When water freezes, it expands and then contracts when it thaws. This expansion can ruin the texture of frozen food. However, most cookie doughs will not be affected. The freezing window for cookies is a little less than usual, at around three months. Does Freezing Ruin Cookies? You don't have to worry about your cookies spoiling if you freeze them. When storing frozen cookies in zip lock freezer bags, squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bag entirely. Your frozen treats are at the mercy of the air. You remove excess air from the cookies, which keeps them fresher for longer and...

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How to Make a Cookie Bouquet at Home

Cookie bouquets are an edible arrangement that is easy to make and a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations or any special occasion. Learn how to DIY your own cookie bouquet from your home with these easy steps! Tips for Making your Cookie Bouquet at Home 1. Come up with a Theme for your Cookie Bouquet The first step is planning out how you want your bouquet to look and taste. Here's where you decide your theme, the shapes of the cookies, and the color of the whole arrangement. Depending on who you're gifting and for what occasion, your cookies should incorporate themes to mark that occasion. We have a good suggestion: check out our themed collections for ideas. 2. Collect...

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