How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party

There’s nothing sweeter than making fun memories, and a cookie decorating party is a deliciously delightful way to do just that.

What Is A Cookie Decorating Party?

If you’re searching for creative party themes or activities, or you just want to plan a great get-together for family or friends, decorating cookies is a wonderful choice. A cookie decorating party is exactly what it sounds like: a party where the guests get to decorate sugar cookies (and of course, eat them!).

From a cookie-themed birthday party to a holiday cookie decorating celebration, there are so many ways to host a cookie-centric event. And not only will guests have a good time crafting their cookie creations, but they’ll also go home with tasty treats – is there anything better?

To help you start the planning process, we’ve put together a guide that gives you the recipe for a perfect cookie decorating party. From our favorite tips for simplifying cookie party planning to the best way to bake up an easy, stress-free event, we have you covered.

How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party

Setting up a cookie decorating event might seem complicated, but it can actually be pretty simple, especially when you’re prepared with a step-by-step guide.

1. Pick a party theme.

It’s always fun to come up with unique party themes, no matter what you’re celebrating. Even if you’re throwing a cookie party “just because,” a theme can be a great way to make it an extra-special experience. Of course, your guest list is going to play a big part in choosing the theme: if you’re hosting a kid-friendly birthday party, you might think about themes that center on fun favorites like unicorns and rainbows, superheroes, or trucks and tractors.

2. Get your supplies for cookie decorating.

Do a little bit of math to figure out how many cookies you’ll need, as well as the amount of icing and sprinkles you should stock up on. If you’re planning to bake your own cookies, you’ll need to make a list and set aside some time for shopping.

Or, skip this step altogether and let our cookie professionals put together a cookie decorating party kit for your upcoming event. We’ll get you set up with everything you need, no baking required. Forget stressing over sugar cookie recipes, hard-to-find ingredients, and special supplies you’ll only use once. Instead, keep it sweet and simple with Color My Cookie!

3. Get decorating!

Finally, it’s time for the festivities to begin!

Set up a table for cookie decorating, where all of the supplies are in easy reach. For kids, a medium-rimmed baking sheet can be a good way to contain the mess, so you won’t be sweeping up sprinkles afterward. A colorful tablecloth will keep your table tidy, and clean-up will be done in minutes.

Remember, decorating cookies is all about having fun, so there’s zero pressure to be perfect! Everyone should feel free to get creative with their cookies – in this case, it’s absolutely acceptable to play with your food.

What You Need for a Cookie Decorating Party

At first, it doesn’t seem like you’d need very many cookie decorating supplies. But actually, it can get pretty complicated, pretty quickly:

  • Naturally, you’ll need sugar cookies for decorating. As the canvas for your sugar-sweet art, the cookies are key. Not only should they be just the right texture, size, and shape for decorating, but you always want them to taste great!
  • You’ll also need royal icing to add colors and details to your cookies. Decorating cookies with royal icing means mixing up a variety of colors, plus creating batches with different consistencies for filling vs. piping.
  • Next on the list of necessities are sprinkles for a pop of color and a three-dimensional effect. You can find standard rainbow sprinkles at most grocery stores, but you might have to search for a specialty baking store to get special colors or shapes.
  • Edible cookie paints are great for kids and adults alike, especially because painting cookies is often easier than icing by hand. At your party, you can always offer both icing and cookie paints, then let your guests choose!
  • Paintbrushes for cookie painting and detail work are also useful. Look for small, food-safe brushes.
  • Fun add-ons like edible glitter, sparkly cookie paint, and even special aprons are optional, but they definitely add a special touch.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of getting all of those cookie party supplies? We don’t blame you; it’s a long list with more than a few items that aren’t usually available at your neighborhood grocery store. But don’t worry, because that’s where Color My Cookie comes in to save the day.

Color My Cookie offers a huge variety of kits for cookie decorating, including themed collections to suit any special occasion. Instead of having to shop for supplies, you can have everything you need to be shipped directly to your door! Plus, with many different options to choose from, you can completely customize your party.

Why Cookie Decorating Party Kits are the Best Choice

Wondering if it’s worth it to get decorating kits for a cookie party? Here’s what you can look forward to when you order from Color My Cookie:

  • Ready-to-decorate cookies that have been made using our hugely popular shortbread recipe, baked in special shapes to fit the collection’s theme (6 cookies per standard kit)
  • Edible cookie watercolors and an edible paint palette for delicious decorating
  • Icing in colors customized to match the theme
  • Specialty sprinkles and other edible décor items
  • A link to an online video tutorial hosted by a Color My Cookie pastry chef, tailored specifically to the cookies in your selected kit
  • Paintbrushes (and water cups) to use with edible paints

You’ll be prepared to party with all the cookie decorating necessities, conveniently packed in a six-cookie kit.

Instead of buying, baking, and preparing everything yourself, all you’ll need to do is place your order and wait for us to ship out your Color My Cookies. We’ll arrange a delivery date that lines up perfectly with your event, so all of the items will be ready when you are.

How Color My Cookie Can Help You Personalize Your Party

Color My Cookie collections come in a variety of themes, including kid-friendly styles, birthday cookies, and cookies to celebrate a new baby, new home, or even upcoming nuptials. But beyond that, we’ve also whipped up even more options, including:

  • Mini cookie kits are perfect for a smaller guest list, or even as take-home favors for your guests to enjoy after the event. You can also use these as decorating kits for one!
  • Extra cookie paint palettes and brushes are a good addition, especially if you want to make sure that every guest has their own set of watercolors to use (and eat).
  • Edible sparkly paint will take your cookies up a notch, adding sparkle and shine for some serious glamour and fun.

Plan a Cookie Birthday Party or an Anytime Event with Color My Cookie

Now that you’re ready to throw a cookie decorating party, the only thing left to do is choose your favorite Color My Cookies collection. Here’s to enjoying a super-sweet soiree!

Browse all of our current collections or contact our team to inquire about custom cookie kits for your event today!