How to Make a Cookie Bouquet at Home

Cookie bouquets are an edible arrangement that is easy to make and a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations or any special occasion. Learn how to DIY your own cookie bouquet from your home with these easy steps!

Tips for Making your Cookie Bouquet at Home

Cookie Bouquet at Home

1. Come up with a Theme for your Cookie Bouquet

The first step is planning out how you want your bouquet to look and taste. Here's where you decide your theme, the shapes of the cookies, and the color of the whole arrangement. Depending on who you're gifting and for what occasion, your cookies should incorporate themes to mark that occasion.

We have a good suggestion: check out our themed collections for ideas.

2. Collect your Cookie Bouquet Ingredients and Supplies

Gather everything you need for your cookie bouquet. Here are some supplies and ingredients to help you plan out your cookie-themed project:

  • Cookies- well, there'd be no cookie bouquet without the cookies. Make your favorite batch of cookies and use a cookie cutter set to make your themed cookies.
  • Frosting- for this cookie project, I'd recommend that you use royal icing rather than frosting. The royal icing will give your cookies a smooth finish and it will dry firm and set up well on the cookies.
  • Themed Container- this is a significant component of your cookie bouquet. You will need a container to arrange your cookies in. You can get many themed containers – or just a plain vase – for your arrangement at the Dollar Store. You may want to customize and decorate your container to match your theme.
  • Florist Foam- after decorating your container, fill it with some florist foam/ styrofoam. It will give you the base where you will insert the skewered cookies.
  • Paper Filler- you can use colored shredded paper to cover up the foam on the container. Be creative and match the paper with your theme colors.
  • Lollipop Sticks- these are the sticks that you will insert into your cut-out cookie dough when baking. You can also use thick bamboo skewers if you want your arrangement to be high.
  • Fillers- these will go around the cookies on your arrangement. From chocolate hearts to flowers or glittering styrofoam balls, you have a whole variety of themed fillers you can use to make your bouquet pretty. Craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have great choices!

3. Bake your Cookies

You probably have your essential cut-out cookie recipe that you swear by. Use that to make your delicious cookies. You can get two new sticks to stir the paint and roll out your cookie dough. It will give you an even thickness on your cookies. Chances are you want your cookies a little bit thicker than regular cookies.

When you've cut out your cookie shapes, insert your skewers onto the cookies. To secure your cookies, insert them almost to the center of each cookie. You want to ensure that they will not fall off the skewer, break or crack. Don't worry if the skewer comes through on the back of the cookie; cover it up with the extra dough. Place your cookies on a sheet and bake them.

Not interested in the cookie baking step? We have you covered. No need to fuss with the oven or the prep time. Choose one of our collections that come with our pre-iced cookies! All you’ll need to do is paint & decorate them with the edible watercolors and decor we provide.  

4. Frost your Cookies

Let your cookies cool before decorating them with royal icing. Make sure to set aside at least 6 hours to allow your completed cookies to fully dry before handling. First, insert your cookies onto the styrofoam, then place your fillers around them in the container. You can finish it with a cute card. 

Or, you can just jump over the whole process by ordering a collection directly from Color My Cookie. We include everything you need: pre-iced cookies,  edible watercolors, icing, edible décor, and a library of online cookie decorating tips where we give you ideas and techniques for making your cookies come to life. You can even add some sparkle to each cookie!

This is such a fun and easy project for gift ideas. If you want your project to look like a pro cookie decorator did it, then you can get pre-iced cookies in themed cookie collections from Color My Cookie.  Feel free to contact us here.