The Best Cookie Decorating Supplies for Every Skill Level

Best Cookie Decorating Supplies

Decorating cookies is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you're trying to find something to keep your kids busy or just want to improve your own cookie decorating skills, you need to have a few supplies on hand to make the activity a success. 

What Do You Need for Cookie Decorating?

If you want to create an edible masterpiece, you need all of the right supplies. Gathering all of the supplies you need takes time, but it will make your cookie decorating venture successful. To bring your decorated cookies to life you'll need:

  • Cookies: Sugar cookies are easy to make in fun shapes, and they hold up great for decorating, too! If you don't want to buy all of the ingredients or spend a lot of time baking, you might want to buy cookie kits from Color My Cookie. We’ll provide you with everything you need to get started and teach you the best sugar cookie decorating techniques!
  • Icing: Colored icing makes cookies come to life. Our cookie kits come with cool, fun tips on how to ice cookies so you can learn how to ice your cookies like a pro! 
  • Edible paint: If you aren't a huge fan of icing, you can add color to your cookies with edible cookie paint instead. The edible paints in our cookie kits make it easy to bring scenes to life on a cookie. So, whether you're decorating a simple yellow star or planning to paint a cookie masterpiece, Color My Cookie can help. 
  • Paint Brushes: Paint brushes are necessary for using edible paint. Beginner cookie decorators may want wide paint brushes to give their treats plenty of color, and as your skills increase, you can start using fine-tip paint brushes to give your cookies more detail. Make sure all of the paintbrushes you use are safe for food! Check out our shop for extra brushes and aprons.
  • Decorations: There are plenty of add-ons you can use to make your cookie a true masterpiece. Stock up on sparkly paints, edible glitter, and icing decorations to take your cookie decorating skills to the next level.

Cookie Decorating Kits

Finding all of the cookie decorating supplies you need to decorate cookies can be time consuming. Instead of visiting multiple stores to get everything you need to brush up on your cookie decorating skills, try a themed cookie decorating kit to help you make special memories with minimal hassle. Many kits come with these three things that will make decorating cookies extra fun.

Luster Dusts, Pearl Dusts, and Liquid Shine

Luster dust is a great way to add a little sparkle and shine to your cookies. There are many different colors and varieties, and people of any skill level can use these sparkly powders.

Pearl dust is as fine as luster dust, but it is translucent. Use it over other types of luster dust to give your cookies a pearly finish.

Liquid shine is also a great tool for decorating cookies. Spread a little on top of cookies to give them a shiny finish that can take your works of art to the next level. 

Decorator Brushes

Decorator brushes are important tools for applying various decorating dusts to your cookies. You want to apply a smooth, even layer of powder, but this is nearly impossible to do with your fingers. Decorator brushes come in various sizes and shapes to help you decorate cookies with varying levels of detail.

Food Coloring

Colorless icing is boring icing. You need food coloring or edible paint to give your icing color that will bring your cookies to life.  You can use luster dust for a shimmery hue, but if you prefer a matte color for your cookie, it may be better to go with simple food coloring. You can change the vibrancy of your color depending on how many drops of food coloring you add to your icing. If you don't want the hassle of creating colored icing, the edible colors provided in our cookie decorating kits are excellent for adding color.

Get Your Kit From Color My Cookie

When you want to decorate cookies, you need a lot of supplies regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced decorator. You can save a lot of time, money, and energy by ordering a cookie decorating kit from Color My Cookie instead of buying all of the supplies yourself. 

Each of our kits comes with delicious cookies that are pre-iced to preserve freshness and make decorating easy. The kits also contain all of the decorating dust, brushes, and edible watercolors you need to make each cookie a work of art.

We are located in Dallas, Texas, and we ship to all 50 states, so you can get Color My Cookie regardless of where you live in the United States. We would love to provide you with a cookie decorating kit that the whole family will enjoy. Visit our website today to place and order to place an order.