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The Best Cookie Decorating Supplies for Every Skill Level

Decorating cookies is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you're trying to find something to keep your kids busy or just want to improve your own cookie decorating skills, you need to have a few supplies on hand to make the activity a success.  What Do You Need for Cookie Decorating? If you want to create an edible masterpiece, you need all of the right supplies. Gathering all of the supplies you need takes time, but it will make your cookie decorating venture successful. To bring your decorated cookies to life you'll need: Cookies: Sugar cookies are easy to make in fun shapes, and they hold up great for decorating, too! If you don't want to...

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How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party

There’s nothing sweeter than making fun memories, and a cookie decorating party is a deliciously delightful way to do just that. What Is A Cookie Decorating Party? If you’re searching for creative party themes or activities, or you just want to plan a great get-together for family or friends, decorating cookies is a wonderful choice. A cookie decorating party is exactly what it sounds like: a party where the guests get to decorate sugar cookies (and of course, eat them!). From a cookie-themed birthday party to a holiday cookie decorating celebration, there are so many ways to host a cookie-centric event. And not only will guests have a good time crafting their cookie creations, but they’ll also go home with...

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How To Paint Sugar Cookies

Learn how to paint sugar cookies and what is needed at Color My Cookie. Try Color My Cookie decorating kits to paint your own cookies without the long setup and mess of doing everything from start to finish.

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