Choose Your Color My Cookie

Every collection of themed cookies from Color My Cookie offers a fun, simple way to get creative and try your hand at cookie decorating. We’ve created a dynamic variety of collections, with designs that are sure to delight decorators of any age. 

From holiday and seasonal shapes to appealing cookies inspired by superheroes, space adventures, glitzy glam, and more, Color My Cookie has something for every occasion. Plus, because we’re always mixing it up with new designs, there’s always a fresh collection to look forward to – and you can make Color My Cookie collections your family’s newest favorite tradition!

Cookies that are as Delicious as they are Fun to Decorate

If there’s one thing that all of our cookie collections have in common, it’s their delectably delicious flavor. With just the right amount of sweetness, our signature shortbread cookies are made with plenty of homemade love. Every collection is baked fresh and shipped promptly, so you can count on cookies that taste like they’re straight from the bakery – because ours actually are! 

Each collection features a variety of cookies, edible “paint,” extra icing, and sprinkles or edible glitter. In addition, we’ll supply you with an easy-to-follow online tutorial that walks you through the process of decorating the exact cookies from your collection!

DIY Decorated Cookies, Delivered to Your Door

Available for nationwide delivery, our home decorating cookie collections make a wonderful addition to any occasion, including birthday parties, family reunions, friendly get-togethers, and holiday gatherings. You can even sweeten a regular weekday evening with one of our signature collections, giving you the perfect opportunity to make any day special.

Because the cookies are pre-iced, you can focus on the fun part: decorating them with colorful icing, edible watercolor “paint,” sprinkles, and edible glitter. Even if you have a large group gathering for a cookie decorating party, you’ll never have to spend a second baking – because we do all the work for you. Simply unpack your selected cookie collection, set up the included supplies, and start the professionally guided video tutorial. 

If you’ve been inspired by our current collections and have an idea you’d love to see in cookie form, we’d love to hear from you! We consider every customer a part of the Color My Cookie family, so feel free to reach out to us at any time.