Love Letters Cookie Decorating Kit

Love Letters Cookie Decorating Kit

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Send a little LOVE this Valentine's Day with our Love Letters Cookie Decorating Kit! This kit includes: 

  • Typewriters for writing love notes
  • Mail trucks to deliver your notes
  • Mailboxes where you'll find your notes

With "real key" black sprinkles to add to the typewriter, fondant hearts, and actual sugar paper love notes, this kit is the sweetest way to say, "Happy Valentine's Day!" 

Every Color My Cookie Kit includes: 

  • 6 cookies to decorate
  • 1 edible paint palette cookie & edible watercolors
  • 2 paintbrushes & cups for water
  • Icing, sprinkles, & edible decor
  • Link to online cookie decorating tutorials for your kit taught by a pastry chef

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