The Color My Cookie Story

The very first Color My Cookies, including the earliest version of Trucks & Tractors, were delivered from the back of our Mom-mobile! 

The Color My Cookie Story:
The night we met, a friend was making brownies from a box. Sam, who had just finished culinary school, made a joke about how people usually ask him to stir the box brownies and that he was glad to have a night off. I still remember how utterly charming and funny I thought that joke was!

A few weeks later we were on our third date when Sam said, “I love parties. When I have kids, I’m going to make them birthday cakes as big as they are.” In that moment, I knew I’d met my match. A lawyer by training, I’d always actually wanted to be in the party business.

A year later we were married, and over the next few years our dream of having girls, boys, and a bakery came true. The girls came in 2010 and 2014; the boys came in 2012 and 2017; and in 2016 we moved to Dallas to purchase Tart Bakery. By then, Sam’s pastry career had taken off (one of the highlights was making President Bush’s 90th birthday cake – we still have the handwritten thank you note Sam received from him!) and I left lawyer life to run our bakery business.

When COVID-19 descended upon us, Tart Bakery – which is all about celebrations & gatherings, just as we dreamed – took a tremendous and immediate hit. We faced the same questions all small business owners faced: How will we support our family? How will we keep our team safe and employed? What are our options?

We had talked about making cookie kits like Color My Cookie for years but had never produced them. Practically overnight, we developed the first two Color My Cookies (Trucks & Tractors and Unicorns & Mermaids) and posted to a few local Facebook pages. In just a few hours, we had more than 100 orders! Within six weeks, we had shipped Color My Cookie to 40 states!

Color My Cookie has been so much fun for us and our family – and we love sharing it with you and yours!

xxoo chef sam, nancy, the cutie kids
& the color my cookie team 

P.S. We are always looking for inspiration for new Color My Cookies! Have an idea ? We’d love to hear from you at And if you make it to Dallas, drop us a line! We’d love to meet you and show you where the cookie magic happens! 



Early Research & Development, Spring 2020