The Color My Cookie Story

When we got married, we dreamed of having boys, girls, and a bakery. Catherine and Elisabeth were born in 2010 and 2014 and Peter and Andrew in 2012 and 2017. Along the way we became bakery owners, too. We feel so lucky to share a bit of our bakery dreams with you!
For many years, our signature iced shortbreads were the most popular item at our Dallas bakery. People enjoyed them in our shop – and also carefully hand carried them on to airplanes, nestled them between suitcases in their cars, and packed them up to mail to friends and family around the country. In 2020, we decided to started shipping our popular cookies – with a fun DIY twist – and Color My Cookie was born!
We want you to feel like a pro cookie decorator – so we give you a bit of a head start! By decorating our cookies in black and white, we prepare the perfect cookie canvas for your creativity. You can do your own thing or follow along with the video tutorial we provide for each kit. During the tutorial, we show tips and tricks to make your cookies come to life.
You’ll be delighted by your masterpiece, even before your first bite! We can't wait to share Color My Cookie with you! 
Chef Sam & Nancy