How Long Will the Cookies in Color My Cookie Last?

Color My Cookie should be stored covered at room temperature until you are ready to decorate. We think you should start right away! But if you have to wait, know that your cookies will be delicious and fun for at least a week or so after they arrive! 


TRUE STORY: When we first started Color My Cookie, we wanted to be sure people realized that our cookies were artisan cookies from a bakery and that they were not as shelf-stable as, say, a packaged store bought cookie. Although we had tested the taste and texture to 10 days from arrival, we didn't want people to think Color My Cookie would last *forever*! So we put a note in every box saying the cookies were good for 2 - 3 days after arrival. That was a terrible decision! We had people throwing their cookies away on Day 4; people who were worried about the freshness of their cookies after slight shipping delays; and a lot of questions! Mea culpa: Color My Cookie is good for at least a week or so after arrival and the worst thing that will happen even after that is your icing will get (a tiny  bit) crunchy.