Fire Station Color My Cookie Decorating Kit

Fire Station Color My Cookie Decorating Kit

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Everyone knows being a fire fighter is a sweet job, but it just got a little sweeter! Grab you gear and jump in the fire truck, it’s time to … decorate cookies! You’ll feel like a real-life hero as you decorate the cookies in our Fire Station cookie decorating kit. This set features three cookie designs that will make you feel like you’re right at the station:

  • A fire truck that comes with everything you need to add a hose to the side
  • Paw prints, because no fire station is complete without a fire dog
  • A fun-to-decorate fire hydrant

In case of fire … decorate cookies!

Every Color My Cookie includes:
6 cookies to decorate
1 edible paint palette with edible watercolors
2 paintbrushes
Cups for water & sprinkles
Link to an online cookie decorating tips from a pastry chef