You're a Gem Color My Cookie Decorating Kit

You're a Gem Color My Cookie Decorating Kit

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Do you like your sweet treats to have a touch of glitter and glam? If so, then the Color My Cookie You're a Gem cookie decorating kit collection is sure to make you smile. Each of the three unique cookie designs is a jewel all its own, giving you a full treasure trove of decorating options, including:

  • A classic gemstone ready to take on any vibrant hue you choose
  • An adorable heart-shaped gemstone 
  • An oversized jewel with “You’re a Gem” on its front

From a romantic date night to a thoughtful thank you gift, the You’re a Gem collection is one that shines.

Every Color My Cookie Kit includes: 

  • 6 cookies to decorate
  • 1 edible paint palette + edible watercolors
  • 2 paintbrushes, cups for water & sprinkles
  • Icing and Sprinkles
  • Link to online cookie decorating tips + tutorial by a Pastry Chef for your cookie kit.

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